From the first time I held a lump of clay and formed a wee pinch pot as a child, I was hooked on pottery. While it took a long time for that passion to manifest itself in the form of my own pottery studio it has been worth the wait. Exploring the form and function of a pot and translating it from my imagination into clay is a wonderful challenge.

Pottery serves as a visceral connection to the elements for me. And in coming full circle, it’s hard to hold a piece of stoneware and not feel a connection to the hands that made it. The lines of a pot, the gentle curves, and the hue of the glaze are all places where the potter touches and in turn, touches the person who ends up with the piece.

It has been said that the potter does not have the final say over their creations … the kiln does. Part of being a potter is learning to control and accept what happens in the kiln however I feel that ultimately the patron has the final say about what a piece will become. Just because I create a piece and call it a vase doesn’t mean that someone won’t turn it into a drinking vessel. Rather than be concerned about this or take it personally, I embrace it because I have made a piece of pottery that is going to be used and enjoyed.

Anna Marie Torre Wright